The organizational vision of Lyndon Larouche

He was always a man ahead of his time.

He is one of the godfathers of American conspiracy culture and the architect of the mind control cult as a political vehicle. He was spreading Trump Russia conspiracy in 1987. He could sound perfectly sane and rational while explaining that Jimmy Carter was planning a nuclear Holocaust.

He was always ahead of the curve. In adopting tactical conspiracy narratives he presaged the era of Russia Truthers vs Plan Trusters, of MSNBC vs Alex Jones. He saw before anyone else that the radical political energy had moved to the fringe of the right and managed a stunning maneuver all the way to infiltrating the Reagan white house and the SDI project.

The most successful radical organizational form in the United States is the mind control cult. Compare all the other new left sects that came out of the same era as Larouche did. None can compare to the money and influence amassed by Larouche. He is only surpassed by Scientology, the greatest of the Therapy cults.

His work as an organizational theorist is based upon the simple unity of a pure Leninism and the mind control cult. He understood his material and with an absolute ruthlessness transformed new left hippies into a formidable organizational weapon. His methods were extreme, to be sure.

Can he be faulted for choosing the correct form for his material and his environment? For understanding that the only form of Totalitarianism that has ever thrived on these shores is the Cult? That the American Cult is a hardened perennial weed that just won’t stop, while the trot sect is a hot house plant that wilts under the slightest exposure?

How many disaffected intellectuals have plotted the revolution from dingy basements, to emerge only with socially retarded protest antics and sectarian cargo-cultism? From those same dingy basements, this man raised a Cult he crafted into a sophisticated organizational weapon. The amateur dismisses the Larouche cult for the low quality of its visible membership.

Those who are serious marvel at the alchemy that turns such common lead into a formidable force.

Must we condemn a man for seeing the truth of human nature and then for acting on it? How many have mused about forming a mind control cult for money and power? So he went and did it. Yes they are annoying and mostly seriously insane. That was the material available. Only L Ron Hubbard, Aum Shinrikyo, and Joseph Smith accomplished more with such materials.

Certainly some eggs were broken and yes some of the methods were regrettable, but the CIA was trying to assassinate him with mind control and the pamphlets were always very entertaining. His work raised the intellectual level of the American fringe. His life was a unity of radical theory and radical practice. His synthesis of Leninist Organizational warfare, conspiracy propaganda and mind control cultism was generations ahead of the curve.

He oriented his mythology around the traditional founding conspiracy mythology of the American republic: the dread hand of the British Monarchy. Instead of a newfangled ideology or a foreign import, he chose as his basis the primordial myth of American Nationalism. He found a perfect hate figure in the rotting cow Elizabeth the worst.

Against the fetid British Monarchy and all its minions, I stand with Larouche! If anything his attacks were not slanderous enough. In his sobriety he was outflanked by those who will say that she is a lizard who eats babies. You will miss Larouche. He was the last of the rational madmen.

Larouche lived in a historical overhang, where the rational world ordered by God was still celebrating his funeral. He stands at an extraordinary transition point from this order to the mutation and decay of modernity. He was half a child of the enlightenment, and half of the dark ages to come. Those who will follow him will look more like AUM or Daesh.

UFO still awaits its true prophet, and he will be a prophet of fire and vengeance.


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