Trump-Putin Derangement Syndrome: A user’s guide

This is one of those unique moments in history when the pathology and insane behavior of key liberal media gaslighters are of determinative significance. The answers to many of the key questions with which the meme war is grappling depend upon a clear understanding of the pathologies, delusions and blind spots of Rachel Maddow liberals. To provide a framework for the complex psychological interactions between Rachel Maddow and her audience, a comprehensive profile has been developed.

Operational deployment of “Conspiracy Theories” for political purposes has been well understood since the groundbreaking MKULTRA studies carried out in the 1960s. Recent operations in Brazil demonstrate the virability of the Alex Jones model for both domestic and foreign policy. Rachel Maddow has explained her blatant conspiracy mongering as the most popular liberal talk show host, as necessary to negate the “Russian Infection” and its foreign plots and influences. All actions of the liberal media are justified by the “Russian collusion.”

Rachel Maddow is so consumed with her messianic mission to save America from the Russian infection that she probably over reads the degree of her support in the rest of the liberal media. She psychologically assumes that everyone else, especially the women, share her views and see Trump as Russia-Hitler Manchurian candidate active measures treason. She was probably genuinely surprised at being thrown under the bus by her fellow conspiracy mongers in the media when Russiagate finally flamed out.

Rachel Maddow has been characterized as merely a Hillary dead ender spreading black propaganda. This inadequate diagnosis is not only inaccurate but is also dangerous. Consigning Rachel to the realm of propaganda can mislead meme warriors into believing the phenomena is rational when it is not. In fact, an examination of the structure and symbolism of her paranoid fantasies reveals this is but the ideological rationalization for the collective expression of deep pathological currents of the liberal Psyche being projected onto geopolitics.

Why does the elite liberal mind need so badly to connect Trump to Putin?

Numerous studies of Trump-Putin derangement syndrome have been conducted upon mental patients with liberal political views. A sample group of middle aged single women with severe cat parasite infections were injected with amphetamines and given Trump-Putin action play-sets. Fantasies of Presidential assassinations remained a continuing preoccupation, and powerful erotic fantasies of an anal-sadistic character surrounded the image of the President. The marked expression of both sexual and murderous drives suggests the pathology has roots deep in early childhood experience.


1- This phenomenon is a product of civilization wide father issues that are profound.

2- The pathology is far more pronounced among the elite.

Trump-Putin represents a compound bad father figure in the psychology of liberals. The two have to be connected because neither alone has all the necessary characteristics.

In the liberal mind:

Putin is the archetype of the stern disciplining father who is coming to punish you.

Trump is the archetype of the absent, inadequate, absurd father who abandons you.

Trump represents the experience of the father the liberal had, Putin represents the experience the liberal didn’t have but desperately needed. Because of the deep wounds left behind both are bitterly hated, but it is Putin who they have the uncanny fascination for because he represents the deep unsatisfied need. Are they combined because Putin is the symbolic source of the anxiety but as such is too dangerous to directly attack, so Trump is attacked as a proxy?


This phenomenon was triggered on a national level because Trump was elected president and became the symbolic father of the nation. The Hillary-mother failed to defeat him and so after her followed good father figures doing battle with Trump. Mueller was the latest good father figure who was coming to save liberals from Trump-Putin, but now the bad father has won and the good father has abandoned them. Mueller has failed to save them and so becomes a bad father figure himself and they turn on him and roll him into the conspiracy theory. This is playing out now.

At the level of collective pathology, which is only one variable among many, the Dem primary is going to turn on who best fits the image of a good mother or good father figure to do battle with Trump-Putin. Because Hillary-mother lost the last battle, I suspect they will tilt heavily towards a father figure.

The way this plays out in the general election turns on the gender of the Dem candidate. A woman means a good mother vs bad father conflict between two equally potent primal figures. A man means a good vs bad father conflict between the different faces of the primal father figure.

Trump is on a collusion course with Russia over Venezuela, so it will be very interesting to see what affect an open conflict within the compound bad father figure has on the mind of the liberal. Will this break the spell or just go straight into the cognitive dissonance hole? Or something else?

Two case studies in the Russia truther pathology are Rachel Maddow and Marcy Wheeler.

They are of interest because both have always presented themselves as highly intelligent and well educated, the last kind of liberals who would ever traffic in lurid McCarthyite conspiracy theories of treason and Manchurian candidates. Madcow was always annoying, but if you had told me before Trump that either of them was going to go full Glenn Beck, I would have asked you for a hit of that.

Moose and squirrel both constituted their politics around attacking masculine power structures. Maddow and Wheeler are both tomboys. Maddow looks like a man and Marcy looks like an awkward teenager. Neither of them made the transition to feminine womanhood. Both liked to present themselves as rational, authoritative, and highly competent, all masculine virtues. Both of them abandoned those virtues in the course of their Russia conspiracy mongering.


Marcy personalizes the “attacks”, presenting herself as the target of Russia and “skeptics” who want to destroy her. Maddow does not. Marcy apparently turned one of her sources in to the FBI in a fit of paranoia, thus injecting herself into the investigation. Maddow hasn’t done anything similar. Maddow’s personality doesn’t show any blatant signs of a paranoid degeneration, while Marcy’s definitely does.

Maddow almost broke down crying on air after the Mueller report was released, while Marcy’s response was intellectual and unemotional. Maddow was shocked and visibly wounded by Mueller’s betrayal, while Marcy wasn’t so surprised. This suggests that Maddow’s main experience with her father was positive, Marcy’s main experience with her father was negative.

Maddow is a tool while Marcy is a troublemaker. Maddow uses polite language while Marcy is a famous potty-mouth. Maddow is an insider while Marcy is an outsider. Marcy has always had childish affections (the name emptywheel, her twitter photo as a child), while Maddow is very serious about presenting how grown up she is. Maddow sees her enemy as Sean Hannity, while Marcy sees leftists like Glenn Greenwald as her main enemy. Maddow’s aggression is directed at the tribal enemy, while Marcy’s nastiest aggression is against the enemy within.

Madcow’s pathology is that of the civilization that produced her. It is institutional in the deepest sense. She is the modern ideal of the female eunuch. She represents the mainstream phenomenon, which is why she had 3 million viewers. As such Maddow is the psychological model to build deep psywar operations around.

Wheeler’s pathology is that of an unhappy life. It is not institutional. Kendzior was probably molested by satanists and God knows what Mensch is high on. Interestingly Mensch isn’t rolling on Mueller like the rest of them. I also notice that the other nutcase Russia truthers tend to be heavily female and the stench of rancid estrogen is thick about this whole business.

The Trump-Putin conspiracy culture is a train wreck for the Democratic party because while the rabid activist base can’t get enough, the average voter doesn’t care. They need to turn down the Russia narrative, and the DNC leadership has figured that out. This is the point at which they find out that the Frankenstein monster they created isn’t going to listen…






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