Zizek Vs Peterson


An engagement between a Liberal Jungian and a Lacanian Marxist could have been really interesting. Instead Peterson opened with an uninspired rendition of the standard liberal critique of Stalinism, just as inane and out of date as his liberalism. His delivery is so whiny and so much profound concern he is going to cry that I can’t listen to it. The enlightenment is over and the tranny police are coming for him but he still doesn’t get it. The intellectual dark web is just the liberalism of five minutes ago hand wringing over the opening abyss.

Zizek won just by talking about the world we actually live in at an intellectual level Peterson cannot match.

Peterson reminds me of Nathaniel Brandon of Objectivism, but with less ideology and more mythological psycho-babble. Brandon was the one of the creators of the whole self-esteem genre with his book the psychology of self esteem. You never heard of him because he was expelled from the cult after dumping Ayn Rand for a younger acolyte, leading to the first in the endless series of purges and thoughtcrime hunts among the Randroids.










Amber A’Lee Frost is back to recap the Zizek/Peterson debate, the online left’s Zizekian Oedipus complex and Elizabeth Warren’s foray into Game of Thrones fanfic.

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