Invasion Venezuela?


The blowhards in the Venezuelan war cabal are some of the stupidest people in Washington, and Operation Liberalism was a non-event, a Coup that never materialized. It has embedded the basic narrative that Venezuela is in the grip of a brutal Communist dictatorship, however, and the entire media class is suddenly lock step behind the Trump administration, all on message for regime change in Venezuela.

Suddenly a complete falsehood is the unquestionable conventional wisdom across the whole mainstream media. The majority of Venezuelans who support the Chavistas mysteriously vanish, just as the majority who supported the Syrian state vanished. Some corpse from the death squad years is dug up as the front man. Then the whole thing unravels spectacularly and Bolton is very disappointed in the Generals and Russia and Cuban troops bla bla bla.


This is the Syria plan in Venezuela without any competence

The problem for the Empire is that unlike Iraq, Syria, or Libya, the US has an extensive economic relationship with Venezuela, and a whole lot of American property and investment in Venezuela. In a war all that would get nationalized or blown up. So a Coup is the preferred method. This is not anything new and the Chavistas have already seen many such attempts. Since they are already trying to murder him, Maduro should go ahead and nationalize all American owned property and refuse to give it back until all sanctions and all other illegal acts against Venezuela are ended.


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