Interview with Alain de Benoist


Alain de Benoist: “My little tour of the world of news …”


Some time ago Boulevard Voltaire did not publish an interview with you. I would like to ask you quick questions about a number of recent events. And, first, the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Our Lady in flames, struck in the choir, is the very image of Christendom today. What more can we say that has not already been said? I think of Dominique Venner and I reread Peguy.

The end of the “big debate” and Emmanuel Macron’s press conference, which did not seem to convince two out of three French people?

The head of state was wrong to take the French for mougeons (half sheep, half pigeons). Macron, resignation!


The movement of yellow vests, which are regularly reported to be “running out of steam” and giving rise to “unacceptable violence”?

A peaceful, “good-natured” movement would not have got one tenth of what the yellow vests got – even though none of their essential demands have been met yet. Violence (I do not mean that of professional “breakers”) is sometimes the only way to be heard. July 14, 1789, the taking of the Bastille has not been a walk of health! Review the Reflections on the Violence of Georges Sorel. This popular violence is, in any case, little compared to the systemic violence of white-collar predators, assassins of identity, social destroyers and profit masters. As for the shortness of the yellow vests, it will be, in the best case, a break before the next battles. Throughout Europe, the middle classes are disappearing and people are enduring the consequences of austerity policies. In our hourglass-shaped society, wealth is accumulating higher and higher while poverty and precariousness are steadily increasing downward. The same causes producing the same effects, we are moving towards a generalized social revolt.

The whistleblower Julian Assange delivered by Ecuador to the English authorities who have already sentenced him to one year in prison, while the Americans have issued an arrest warrant against him?

The United States bought Assange for $ 10.2 billion in credit through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). A country worthy of the name would have immediately given asylum to the founder of WikiLeaks . Like the other obliged of the White House, France has, of course, abstained. She has other asylum claims to process …

The deteriorating situation in Venezuela and the recognition by the “international community” of Juan Guaidó as self-proclaimed president of this country in place of Nicolás Maduro, yet twice elected president?

Maduro has a beautiful Mexican revolutionary mustache, but he is sure he has neither the charisma nor the talents of Hugo Chávez. That said, it is even more certain that the United States has done and continues to do everything in its power to ruin and especially control Venezuela, the country that has the largest hydrocarbon reserves on the planet. The whole question is whether the Americans will launch a war to impose the very liberal Juan Guaidó, a putschist in a three-piece suit who should have been in prison for a long time. Emmanuel Macron advised Maduro to resign and give in to “street pressures”. Maduro could have replied that, confronted for six months by the anger of the French people – just like the Bouteflika gang to that of the Algerian people – he has only to set an example himself.

The new economic sanctions decreed by Donald Trump, not only against Caracas and Moscow, but also Havana and Tehran?

These are all acts of war directed against the French and European trading companies who traded in dollars with Venezuela, Cuba or Iran, or made investments, and which are now required to align with the dictates of Washington in the name of the implausible principle of extraterritoriality of American law. In terms of foreign policy, Trumpian unilateralism turns out to be every day more detestable.

The endless series of Brexit: Britain will she, or not, out of Europe?

De Gaulle was right: to begin, she should never have entered.

Pope Francis embarrassed by the scandal of pedophile attacks by priests?

I will certainly surprise you, but I think there is no pedophile problem in the Church. There is, however, a serious problem of homosexual hebephilia. Pedophilia is defined as sexual attraction to immature children, boys or girls. More than 80% of sexual assaults involving clergy involve pubescent teens, aged 12 to 18, and almost exclusively boys. They are minors, not children. We do not dare to say it so as not to be labeled “homophobic”, but Frédéric Martel’s book confirms it. In these circumstances, ending the celibacy of priests would not favor gay marriage! I will also recall that, contrary to what is often believed, priests do not pronounce a vow of chastity. This vow is reserved for the monks, that is, the members of the regular clergy (as opposed to the secular clergy).

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