Nusra Counterattacks

Counterattack “Al-Nusra”. 10.05.2019




After the collapse of the defense in North-West Hama during 8-9 may, when Al-Nabudah and Qalat-al-Madiq were lost,  Al-Nusra and related groups today launched a counter blow in order to regain what was lost in previous days.

At the expense of reserves sent from central Idlib, as well as from Khan Shaykhun, this morning the militants launched an assault on Kirkat and Kafr Nabudah. To the north of Qalat-al-Madiq, the attack was led by Al-Nusra, which was opposed by the Tigers and units of the 5th Corps. To the north of Kafr Nabudah – “Jaysh al-Islam” is trying to push through the “Tigers”.

In the Kirkat region, positional battles ensued, in the Kafr Nabudah region the enemy was able to advance to the outskirts of the city, where battles continued, lasting throughout the day. All this is accompanied by extremely intensive air strikes against the attacking militants, which according to estimates from both sides, makes this counterattack extremely costly in terms of the expenditure of manpower. Syrians also suffer significant losses from mortar fire and suicide bombers. In addition, 1 or 2 tanks are lost today.

However, the militants have no choice, the counter-offensive allows them at least to constrain the forces of the SAA and not allow them to develop the offensive along the Al-Ghab and Al-Habit. Another question is that if the counter-attack also fails and Al-Nusra does not make serious progress under Kafr Nabudah, the subsequent movement of the SAA under an air umbrella of the RF Aerospace Forces could lead to a further collapse of the defense in North Hama and the loss of the Al-Lataminah ledge.

Turkey urges Russia to halt bombing of Idlib.

According to some sources, the Turks withdrew its observers from the area of Khan Shaykhun. All this may indicate that the cleanup will be limited to the Northern Hama.


The infantry of “Al-Nusra” trying to break into Al-Nabudah







The conditions in which you have to attack the militants.


Yesterday’s report posted by Oleg Blokhin from Al-Nabudah.


MRLS working the positions of “Al-Nusra”.


Hit from ATGM to a supply truck of the SAA.


Hit from ATGM at Syrian tank


The liberation of Qalat-al-Madiq.


The work of the Syrian technicals at Al-Nabudah.


The Tigers in the Al-Nabudah .


The Tigers to the West of Al-Habit.


A column of Syrian artillery and MLRS moves to the front.

The bombing of al-Habit and Khan shaykhun.






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