Idlib offensive pushes forward

Short on Idlib. 05/11/2019


Today, the SAA, after repelling yesterday’s counter-attack from “Al-Nusra” and “Jaish-al-Islam,” freed 4 more villages in southwestern Idlib.

The Jihadists suffered quite substantial losses during yesterday’s fights and could not maintain the pace of their counterattack for more than a day, again due to the systematic impact of aviation on their rear and communications.

Today, the SAA has already been active in the Kirkat area and has expanded the zone of control around Kafr Nabudah. However, today’s successes are tactical, although the joy of Syrian soldiers in the liberated settlements looks as bright as during the victorious campaigns of 2017 and 2018.

D6TVnFbWAAMMoE7.jpgThe General configuration of the spring offensive in Northern Hama.


D6S6QoeX4AAw0x2.jpgThe offensive on the plain of al-Ghab.

It is worth noting that rumors circulate in Syrian sources (both pro-Assad and opposition) that the ultimate goal of the operation is not even cutting off the Al-Lataminah jut, but restoring communications on the Aleppo-Latakia and Hama-Latakia roads. This is, frankly, an ambitious goal and it certainly cannot be achieved without an agreement with Turkey, which insists on suspending the offensive in Idlib. It is noteworthy that the Turks practically do not remember about Northern Hama, it is most likely already a cut off piece. The question is, where is that line, beyond which the Turks would not like to see the advancement of the SAA.


Syrian Army reaches southwestern border of Idlib

The Syrian military has made a significant advance through the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate recently, seizing more than 15 sites in this region of northwestern Syria.

As a result of this advance, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has managed to reach the southwestern border of the Idlib Governorate.

The Syrian Arab Army was last in control of southwestern Idlib in 2014; however, a large-scale jihadist offensive in this region resulted in the military’s subsequent withdrawal to the northwestern countryside of Hama.

On Saturday, the Syrian military managed to reach the Idlib border after they captured at least five towns from the jihadist rebels in northwestern Hama.

According to Al-Mayadeen TV on Saturday, the Syrian military had managed to destroy a command center and several warehouses.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian troops had thwarted the jihadist offensive at the key town of Kafr Naboudeh in northwestern Hama, eliminating more than 40 Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham members.

The military operation the Syrian Arab Army launched on May 6th is aimed at securing the government towns in northwestern Hama and retaking the Al-Ghaab Plain areas that are currently under the control of the jihadist rebels. Furthermore, the Syrian military is seeking to capture the remaining jihadist-held areas in northeastern Latakia.

































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