Suicide attack targets American soldiers in Syria

ISIS suicide attack targets SDF demining convoy

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Islamic State sleeper cells on Monday targeted a demining convoy of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Syria, deep behind the Kurdish-led forces’ lines.

Mustafa Bali, the head of the SDF’s media center, announced the incident on Twitter.

According to Bali, sleeper cells belonging to the terror group launched a suicide attack on a team of SDF forces in Shaddadi, south of Hasakah.

The attack only caused material damage “thanks to the timely response by security forces,” he added.

“While there are no casualties, this attack is yet another indicator of the menace posed by ISIS sleeper cells in the region,” Bali warned.

He affirmed that the Kurdish-led forces would remain committed in their efforts to deny the Islamic State “freedom of movement and wipe its remnants and ideology off the society.”

Sleeper cell attacks continue to pose a threat in Syria’s northeast, especially in Deir al-Zor province, despite the territorial defeat of the Islamic State at the hands of the SDF on March 23, 2019.

Nicholas A. Heras, a Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, believes the terror group wants to show the US-led coalition that the SDF cannot protect it from casualties in Syria.

“This attack was deep behind the SDF’s lines in an area that is supposed to be secure from ISIS,” Heras told Kurdistan 24.

“The attack drives home the point that northern and eastern Syria remains a warzone and that ISIS may be beaten for now, but it will take more effort to beat it forever.”

The Washington-based analyst said Monday’s attack could only have been facilitated by locals working with the terror group, “which should concern the SDF greatly.”


IS claims bomb attack targeting US-backed force in Syria

BEIRUT – A spokesman for a U.S.-backed force in Syria says a suicide bomber from the Islamic State extremist group detonated his explosives on a road in northern Syria, targeting a joint convoy belonging to the force and the U.S.-led anti-IS coalition.

Mustafa Bali is a spokesman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. He says Monday’s attack near the town of Shaddadeh caused material damage but no casualties. IS claimed responsibility in a statement and said the blast killed or wounded eight people in the convoy.

There was no immediate comment by the U.S. military or anti-IS coalition.

Bali tweeted that the attack was an attempt by IS to disrupt the campaign to root out IS sleeper cells that are staging attacks in Syria despite their group’s territorial defeat earlier this year.

Breaking: Suicide attack targets American soldiers convoy in east Syria

A joint American soldiers and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) armored convoy came under attack by a suicide bomber this evening in east Syria.

According to reports, a joint US-led coalition and SDF convoy was struck by a SVBIED attack on Hasakeh-Deir al-Zour highway just south of the city of Shaddadi in east Syria.

ISIS claimed the responsibility for the suicide attack saying they managed to kill and injure 8 US coalition fighters including American soldiers, also they added that the attack destroyed a vehicle and damaged couple others.

No comment yet from the US-led coalition regarding the attack.

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