Yemen is the New Front Line in the Proxy Wars

As Syria is winding down and Iran warmongering heating up, the active front in the proxy wars will shift to Yemen. Iran, Russia and China all know where their Wahhabi problem is getting its funding from. The Houthis have already demonstrated great valour and tenacity in combat. With Syria stabilized, Iran has many friends to send to aid the Houthis. Saudi is the weakest front in the proxy wars, and if it has to be a war with America, Iran would far rather fight that on Saudi territory with starving Yemeni genocide optics.

Because of a dead wapo the optics of an American intervention to save the Saudis are unusually bad, and any focus at all on Yemen and what has been going on is not going to look good. Press TV has been platform purged, but wapo-cut-up-in-bag, so Saudi now has many enemies in the mainstream media who know how to do starving children famine stories. Shifting the narrative from Evil Iran to Saudi genocide in Yemen gives Trump a real shit sandwich to sell.

The best way to derail the war against Iran is to set the Yemen war aflame, and the good news is it looks like Hezbollah was way ahead of me with that observation. This latest attack was a sophisticated propaganda attack that leveraged the drone strikes into enough media hysteria to cost the market 10 billion. That drone was cheap. They got 299 more targets. How you like them air strikes now Bonesaw? Expect more fireworks.

So if they ain’t bluffin on 300 targets, that means quite a stockpile of sophisticated systems that up to this point was unsuspected. What other preparations have been long under way?

The Iran-Russia-China axis will not directly intervene, but will work in many ways to give the Saudis and UAE a big defeat in Yemen, and maybe even give some regime change a try. The main Chinese contribution will probably be to use finance and diplomacy to separate the Saudis from their international allies while corrupting the kingdom from within against Bonesaw.

The major escalation point to look for is when Saudi’s expensive air force starts getting shot out of the sky every time it bombs Yemen, or maybe just blown up on the ground. All three members of the IRC axis have bet heavily on the missile. Yemen is a great opportunity showcase the outcome of that investment and launch new product lines for the international arms market.

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