Al-Nusra launches major counter-attack in Hama


A possible battle of attrition in the area of ​​Kafr Nabuda, causing the militants bring their reserves into action, is an acceptable option to grind the main reserves of Al-Nusra and Jaish al-Issa in a reciprocal battle, but of course this discards the bogus “truce.” However, 72 hours of truce will expire tomorrow, so let’s take a look at the progress of the Syrian command and Russian military advisers. For the Russian Aerospace Forces north and east of Kafr Nabuda, now there is a decent number of targets.

Battle for Kafr Nabuda. May 21-22, 2019



Taking advantage of the truce, which was unilaterally declared for 72 hours by the Syrian army (obviously the result of Russian-Turkish agreements), “Al-Nusra” and its affiliated terrorist group launched a massive counter-offensive to retake the town of Al-Nabuda. In mid-may there was an accumulation of forces to the North and East of the city. Attempts were also made to strike South of Al-Nabuda, but they were unsuccessful. Yesterday began a counteroffensive, which was accompanied by the active use of suicide bombers, as well as a significant number of infantry (including reserves from Central Idlib) with the support of armored vehicles and a consolidated artillery group. Yesterday’s attacks didn’t bring success to the militants – having lost a significant number of infantry and several armored vehicles, they remained at the closest approaches to the city.

This morning the assault was resumed. By mid-day the militants managed to break into the city, where there was a heavy street fighting. Toward evening, the militants began to assert full control over al-Nabuda, but other sources showed that the fighting in the city continues, and the front line runs through the ruined city blocks.



This evening we continued to receive conflicting information. Several sources report that the Syrian troops began their withdrawal to the Western outskirts of the city, and the city is subjected to heavy artillery fire from both sides.

Needless to say, after the battle of the city,  little will be left.

Both sides suffered heavy losses in killed and wounded. It is claimed that the insurgents lost in 2 days 217 men killed, 3 tanks and 24 trucks. The losses of the Syrians was not released, but judging by the published photos and lists, there are dozens of dead and wounded. The militants also claim the destruction of 3 armored vehicles (2 tanks and 1 BMP) and several trucks, and also the capture of 2 tanks, a Shilka, and 3 trucks and a stockpile of ammunition. Among the dead there are officers of high rank, both Syrians, and field commanders of militants. One Syrian Colonel was captured. In general, quite typical for the northern Hama “meat grinder”.

There is a very high intensity of artillery (including MLRS) on both sides, as well as a large number of air strikes around the city and in its Eastern part. Also applied for air strikes in Central Idlib and on the Al-Lataminah ledge.

In addition, the air defense of the air base HQs of the Russian Federation in Hmeymim brought down another batch of missiles launched from Idlib.

Of course, there is no truce here – the more pressing question is how best to lay 20-30 thousand people in the ground. militants operating in South Idlib and North Hama.

A possible depletion battle in the area of ​​Kafr Nabuda, causing the militants bring their reserves into action, is an acceptable option to grind the main reserves of Al-Nusra and Jaish al-Issa in a reciprocal battle, but of course this discards the bogus “truce.” However, 72 hours of truce will expire tomorrow, so let’s take a look at the progress of the Syrian command and Russian military advisers. For the Russian Aerospace Forces north and east of Kafr Nabuda, now there is a decent number of targets.


Syrian sources report that Russia gave Turkey 24 hours to withdraw from the battle area controlled by its military and militants, after which the entire responsibility will fall on those who remain.

An obvious enough hint that an even more severe assault will soon begin in this area.The warning also recommended that civilians leave the battle zone.

Russia is under serious international pressure to stop active operations in Idlib. On the one hand, Merkel and Macron are demanding that the Kremlin “fulfill its cease-fire obligations,” although in fact the situation is now reversed – Al-Nusra is attacking during the 72hr truce. De facto, Germany and France are quite openly playing on the side of Al-Nusra, so that when someone is blown up or stabbed there, you should not get too upset – these countries quite deserve such “courtesy visits of refugees from Syria”.

The United States plays the “chemical attack” card, leaving the opportunity to connect to the strikes on the SAA after the next fake “chemical attack” staged by An-Nusa and the White Helmets. Information training “just in case” is already underway. With the intensification of hostilities, this scenario may well be activated.


Latest Military Situation in Northwest of Hama 22 May 2019; SAA Retreated from Kafr Nabuda

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tahrir al Sham terrorists and allies could recapture Kafr Nabuda town entirely after 24 hours of battle.

Terrorists alongside other militants specifically foreign mercenaries conducted several attacks from different axes against Syrian Army’s positions in Kafr Nabuda.

Eventually, in despite of heavy bombing by Syrian and Russian warplanes against Tahrir al Sham terrorists and repelling several waves of attacks, militants could defeat the first defense line and capture eastern part of the town. They continue the battle inside the town and from today afternoon Syrian Army retreated from western part of the town and militants took complete control over the town.

At the moment, Syrian Army retreated to regions around the town such as Tal Hawash and Mughayr and Russian fighters and Syrian artillery are attacking the town severely.

Interactive map


Latest Updates on Kafr Nabuda

Despite of 24 hrs of engagements in northwest of Hama in northwest of Hama axis, the situation in Kafr Nabuda town is not clear.

Particularly, last night Tahrir al Sham terrorists and allies after 4 waves of attacks entered the town and engagements came inside the town.

But no evidence, footage or image was released by either side and contradicting information suggests the engagements are still continuing.

Terrorists used at least two suicide cars in their attack. Syrian bombing of northern front in the last few weeks were unprecedented, likewise militia attacks and forces in these operations were unprecedented.

So far 70 kills of militia were confirmed by themselves but most probably their casualties are above 100. No accurate information is available about Syrian Army’s casualties but they should have high loss as well.

Regarding the importance of Kafr Nabuda; Kafr Nabuda and also Qalaat Madiq are the first defensive line of militant in south of Idlib province and Syrian Army, if claiming the city, has a great position to continue operations toward north and has upper hand in Khan Sheikhun to Al Ghab Plain axis. Thus militia are striving hard to reclaim the town.

Point 1: Halting the operation in northwest of Hama by the Army after liberation of some points was a deadly mistake and it is still a question for us that if Syrian Army and allies learned their lesson after several years of fighting with militants?!

Point 2: Presence of several different terrorist groups from different countries in Kafr Nabuda battle is one of the rarest and most unusual operations of the militants in the battles of Syria. This shows the great importance of Kafr Nabuda for militants and supporting counties.

Russian Defense Ministry comments on militants massive offensive in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that militants led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists launched a mass offensive against the Syrian Army in the Idlib province.

During the attack, militants fired 17 missiles at Russia’s Hmeimim airbase in Syria, all of which were either intercepted or fell short, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

Nine missiles were intercepted by the Hmeimim’s air defense, while eight others hit the ground before reaching the base. The attack, carried out with the use of multiple rocket launcher systems, originated from a terrorist held area in the Idlib province.

The statement added that the Syrian Army managed to eliminate 150 militants from Hayat tahrir al-Sham and their allies, adding that 3 tanks and 24 technical vehicles were destroyed as well.

Yesterday, jihadist rebels launched a massive offensive against the Syrian Army in northern Hama near border with Idlib province where clashes still ongoing between them and the Syrian Army until this moment.





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