Russiagate Deep State Coup News 5-29

Special counsel Robert Mueller says he’s leaving the Justice Department now that he’s concluded his Russia investigation. Mueller made the announcement Wednesday in his first public statement since his appointment two years ago. Mueller has been on the Justice Department’s payroll since he formally concluded his probe in March.


The Campaign to Paint Trump as a Russian Stooge Started on May 4, 2016 by Larry C Johnson

Investigators must get the date that this CIA task force was established. They also need to identify and interview the people who participated and were cleared to work on this task force. President Trump must understand that this was not a legitimate intelligence operation. It was weaponizing the intel community to act against a Presidential candidate. It was manufactured as part of a broader plan to paint Trump as a tool of Putin and a servant of Russia.

Why did Crowdstrike wait from May 6 to June 10 to report Russian interference at the DNC? Larry Johnson Sic Semper Tyrannis


Barr takes command of Spygate


Declassify What???!!! Trump Stirs a Storm

A special solo edition of the podcast — it’s just me going through the latest in the Trump-Russia investigation, and, more important, the investigation of the Trump-Russia investigation. What to look for after the president’s declassification order, plus a little-discussed reason why pressure is building for Democrats to impeach.


Expect No Bull From Durham

So where should U.S. Attorney John Durham start as he investigates the Trump-Russia investigation? Well, he might start by talking with former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy. Then: You want to get into the Trump-Russia weeds? This is the place. What about the CIA’s involvement in starting the investigation? How come we don’t hear much about that? Did the FBI, with Carter Page warrant, surf the “upstream part of the Internet” for Trump info? And what about that 2-hop thing? That and more from a man who really knows his Trump-Russia stuff.



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