Filming begins on the final episode of DAESH in Iraq: The Hunt for Baghdadi

According to the Iraqi intelligence service, the leader of the terrorist group ISIL (banned in Russia) Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi is moving along the border areas between Iraq, Syria and Turkey, said Iraqi military intelligence chief Saad Moger Al-Allaq, who heads Iraq, Syria and Iran).

ISIS leader Baghdadi allegedly hiding in a tunnel near the Syrian border

The leader of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is allegedly hiding in the desert of Iraq’s Al-Anbar Governorate, the Arabic-language Al-Maaloumeh news website claimed this past weekend.

Citing an Iraqi intelligence source from Hashd Al-Sha’abi (Popular Mobilization Units), Al-Baghdadi is being sheltered inside a tunnel in the Al-Husayiyat region of Ratbah near the the Syrian border.

Ratbah is a desert town located in rural Al-Anbar; it was one of the last areas controlled by the Islamic State inside of Iraq.

Since the fall of the Baghouz region in eastern Syria, there have been many rumors regarding the whereabouts of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Many sources believe the terrorist leader is currently hiding in the desert region that stretches between Iraq and Syria, while others have claimed Al-Baghdadi is somewhere inside Syria’s Badiya Al-Sham area that is located west of Al-Mayadeen.


An intelligence source predicts Baghdadi’s presence in the western desert

An intelligence source in the leadership of Anbar province on Sunday suggested the presence of the leader of the organization ” calling ” the criminal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the western desert areas of Anbar.

The source told Al-Mawloom that “intelligence information revealed the existence of a gang leader calling for the criminalization of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a secret tunnel fortified in the Al-Husayiyat district north of the district of al-Tahta, west of Anbar. However, the process of clearing the tunnel is still a source of research by the security forces with their various units.”

The source added that “intelligence information confirmed the inability of al-Baghdadi and his elements to escape from that area after the security forces closed all irregular roads accompanied by a heavy security deployment from the desert areas of the judiciary towards the border with Syria.”

The source pointed to “the existence of many question marks on the failure to bomb the secret and secret tunnels of the aircraft by the US, which raises doubts about the presence of al-Baghdadi in that area with the knowledge of US forces.”


Iraqi military intelligence reported possible location of ISIS leader


According to the Iraqi intelligence service, the leader of the terrorist group ISIL (banned in Russia) Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi is moving along the border areas between Iraq, Syria and Turkey, said Iraqi military intelligence chief Saad Moger Al-Allaq, who heads Iraq, Syria and Iran).

“Intelligence data point to the movement of terrorists in the border areas of Iraq and Syria, especially in (Syrian province) Homs, in the Anbar desert, in Hatra (south of Mosul) and in Baadj (near the Syrian-Iraqi border) the triangle between Iraq, Turkey and Syria, since there are no military presence in these areas, ”the general said in an interview with Sputnik.

The military added that jihadists have lost the ability to control territories and are now betting on their sleeping cells in cities and desert areas of Iraq, where they feel relatively free.

“Our intelligence and questioning of the arrested ISIL leaders show that the group’s members suffer from disagreements and are weakened by the preventive operations conducted by our security forces and the Iraqi Shiite militia,” said Al Allac.

According to the general, the ISIL cells are unable to resume their activities in the liberated areas, as they suffered many losses and were demoralized during the fighting with the Iraqi security forces.

A coalition of 80 countries and international organizations led by the United States, we recall, has been fighting the ISIL militants in Syria and Iraq since 2014. It is believed that the terrorist group has been defeated, but in some parts of the region its sleeping cells continue to wield.

The media published information several times that Al Baghdadi was liquidated, but this information was never confirmed.


CIA grants new IDs, passports to 140 Daesh terrorists

Interrogations were carried out in special “questioning stations” set up by the U.S. in Syria and Iraq, where Daesh terrorists are regularly visited by French, Israeli and British intelligence agents.

The stations are heavily guarded by U.S. troops and civilians are barred from entering as the CIA continues to question “certain” Daesh terrorists.

According to information obtained by Yeni Şafak daily, Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is currently in the custody of U.S. forces, confirming the authenticity of the photo taken of the elusive leader atop a U.S. armored vehicle.


Isis wife reveals role in helping CIA hunt for Baghdadi

The Isis woman, Nisrine Assad Ibrahim, better known by her nom de guerre, Umm Sayyaf, has helped the CIA and Kurdish intelligence officers build a detailed portrait of Baghdadi’s movements, hideouts and networks, investigators have disclosed. The claims have been confirmed by Umm Sayyaf in her first interview since being captured in a Delta Force raid in Syria four years ago that killed her husband, the then Isis oil minister.

Umm Sayyaf, 29, is a highly controversial figure who has been accused of involvement in some of the terror group’s most heinous crimes, including the enslavement of the captured US aid worker Kayla Mueller and several Yazidi women and girls, who were raped by senior Isis leaders.

In February 2016 she identified a house in Mosul in which Baghdadi was believed to have been staying. However, according to Kurdish officials, US commanders balked at calling for an airstrike on the home, only to later acknowledge the world’s most wanted man had probably been inside – his life spared by hectic activity in the skies over Iraq that night and a fear of civilian casualties in the densely packed neighbourhood.

“I told them where the house was,” said Umm Sayyaf. “I knew he’d been there because it was one of the houses that was provided for him, and one of the places he liked the most.”

A senior Kurdish intelligence official said of Umm Sayyaf’s collaboration: “She gave us a really clear picture of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s family structure and the people who mattered most to him. We learned about the wives of the people around him in particular, and that has been very useful for us. She identified lots of people and their responsibilities. And she gave us a sense of the real feelings of the leadership wives.”

A second senior intelligence officer said that in the Mosul case, sources on the ground in one of the areas of west Mosul that Umm Sayyaf had identified began to pick up an unusual pattern of movement. “They used to put their guards on the street, these were the internal security people, who only hang around when someone important is there. Soon, we zeroed in on the house, and we were very confident that Baghdadi was there. We told the Americans and asked them to act, and they said they had other things on. Baghdadi moved houses quite quickly and we missed him. Later, the Americans came back and said we were right.”

UK Special Forces Sent to ‘Capture or Kill’ Daesh Leader Al-Baghdadi

Around 30 SAS and Special Boat Service troopers have reportedly teamed up with American Special Forces following Easter bombings on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, which left 253 killed, including dozens of foreigners, out of concern that Western states could be targeted next. They are said to also be assisted by Iraq’s “Golden Division” special forces.

Royal Navy special forces join hunt for ISIS leader

A senior source said: “The border between Syria and Turkey has been sealed, which has forced those who could escape to head for Iraq.

“Everyone knew this time would come, when IS was beaten militarily, but we also knew their leaders might go to ground and try to spark revenge attacks globally. Nobody wants to allow Baghdadi to spit out hate-filled messages and a lot of people are on the mission to stop him.

“It is not known where al-Baghdadi is, but every suspicious movement on the ground is being monitored and, even though he is the most careful of the high-value targets, he will make a mistake.

“They always make a mistake in the end – and then he will be either trapped or killed.”


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