Houthis Strike Saudi Airports Ahead of Pompeo’s arrival



One killed, eight wounded in fresh Yemeni drone attack on Abha Airport

The Yemeni armed forces have launched fresh retaliatory attacks on Abha and Jizan airports in southern Saudi Arabia, leaving multiple casualties.

Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV quoted its own correspondent as saying that the Yemeni drone attack on Abha Airport has left one killed and eight people wounded.

Earlier, Yemen’s Houthi movement said they had targeted Abha and Jizan airports in southern Saudi Arabia with drone attacks, the group’s Al-Masirah TV said.

The spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said the country’s air force has carried out “large-scale” attacks with K2 drones against Jizan and Abha airports.


The first operation targeted the airfields and important military targets at Jizan airport. The second operation targeted Abha airport and the two operations hit their targets with high accuracy, he said.

“Our operations are continuing and will be more painful to the enemy in the coming days if they continue to escalate.”

The retaliatory attacks came after the Saudi-led coalition launched 30 raids during the past 48 hours against the Yemeni civilians, leaving several people dead or wounded.

Since June 12, the airports of Abha and Jizan have been subject to almost daily attacks by Yemenis who send their UAVs and missiles in order to paralyze the two airports and force the Saudi enemy to lift the siege on Sana’a airport and stop its raids on Yemeni territory.

Wide operations target airfields of drones and military targets in Jizan

The Yemeni armed forces, General Brigadier Yahya Sarea, said on Thursday evening that the guided air force of the army and popular committees carried out wide operations on the airfield the drones of the American-Saudi aggression and other military targets in Jizan airport, using “Qasif K-2” drones.

He pointed out that the operations on the airport got their targets accurately and get the airport’s air navigation out of work.

” We have a sophisticated techniques can not be intercepted by American systems used by the Saudi Kingdom,” he added.

He added that the Yemeni strikes will reached all the 300 targets all over the provinces of the Saudi Kingdom, if the aggression’s states stopped their bombing and lift their siege.

” We are able to produce missiles and drones continuously, and able to make Yemen steadfast for not only months, but for years,” Sarea noted.






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